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Champion CordsChampion Cords are designed by Sheila Thelen (PSA - Master Rated Coach, Executive Director - Grassroots To Champions Seminars), to help skaters learn: Alignment, Position, Muscle Memory, Awareness, and Technique. This Patented System is endorsed by Olympic/World/National Coaches, PSA, G2C ALL LEVELS of skaters have seen results using this ingenious product. We highly recommend, TWO Champion Cords (1 for each side of the body) & DVD to get started! 

Use Champion Cords to learn: Singles, Doubles, Triples, Spirals, Camels, Laybacks, Moves In The Field, Flying Camels, Posture, Landings, Awareness and SO MUCH MORE! 

Our phone number is: 651-257-1004. Bigger offices, bigger spaces, bigger commitment to figure skaters around the world!

Call our offices for Bulk Orders & Fundraising Pricing!

Champion Cords Website Special! 1 Free Proper Usage DVD - with Every Shopping Cart!

S Hook Ice Skating TrainerWhy we LOVE the "S-Hook" Champion Cord:
This is a slightly larger clip - about 2 inches across, this is easier to get on the skate. (We can leave our mittens on - and still 
get this clip attached to the laces.) 

Skate for HopeWhy we LOVE the "Skate For Hope - Breast Cancer Research" Champion Cord:
This is a slightly larger clip - about 2.75 inches across, this is easy to get on the skate. (50% OF ALL SALES goes directly to Skate For Hope Breast Cancer Research!) Become a great skater - and SAVE A LIFE! 

Why we LOVE the Proper Usage DVD: 
This is a GREAT teaching tool for skaters & coaches! It shows: How to attach to your skate (in depth), jumps (singles/doubles/triples with 
young AND National Level skaters), spins, spirals, MIF, split jumps, power classes, safety, etc. VERY GOOD DVD! 

Champion Cords Ice Skating Training ToolsWe highly suggest buying TWO Champion Cords - if this is your first purchase. (You'll need two cords for: Jumps, Spins, Stroking, Moves 
In The Field, Spirals, and more.) This will save you a second shipping cost! 

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