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Champion CordsChampion Cords are designed by Sheila Thelen (President of:  Champion Cords, Champion Skating Harness & Champion Developemental Seminars), to help skaters learn: Alignment, Position, Muscle Memory, Awareness, and Technique. This Patented System is endorsed by Olympic/World/National Coaches WORLDWIDE.  ALL LEVELS of skaters have seen results using this ingenious product. We highly recommend, TWO Champion Cords (1 for each side of the body) & DVD to get started!

Use Champion Cords to learn: Singles, Doubles, Triples, Spirals, Camels, Laybacks, Moves In The Field, Flying Camels, Posture, Landings, Awareness and SO MUCH MORE! 

Our phone number is: 651-257-1004. Bigger offices, bigger spaces, bigger commitment to figure skaters around the world!

Call our offices for Bulk Orders & Fundraising Pricing!

Champion Cords Website Special! 1 Free Proper Usage DVD - with Every Shopping Cart!

S Hook Ice Skating TrainerWhy we LOVE the "S-Hook" Champion Cord:
This is a slightly larger clip - about 2 inches across, this is easier to get on the skate. (We can leave our mittens on - and still 
get this clip attached to the laces.) 

Skate for HopeWhy we LOVE the "Skate For Hope - Breast Cancer Research" Champion Cord:
This is a slightly larger clip - about 2.75 inches across, this is easy to get on the skate. (50% OF ALL SALES goes directly to Skate For Hope Breast Cancer Research!) Become a great skater - and SAVE A LIFE! 

Why we LOVE the Proper Usage DVD: 
This is a GREAT teaching tool for skaters & coaches! It shows: How to attach to your skate (in depth), jumps (singles/doubles/triples with 
young AND National Level skaters), spins, spirals, MIF, split jumps, power classes, safety, etc. VERY GOOD DVD! 

Champion CordsWe highly suggest buying TWO Champion Cords - if this is your first purchase. (You'll need two cords for: Jumps, Spins, Stroking, Moves 
In The Field, Spirals, and more.) This will save you a second shipping cost! 

Proud Partners of Audrey Weisiger's Grassroots To Champions Seminars! Visit them